APIs, Not Just for Corporations Anymore

With all things technology comes the question as to how long something will be around. Whether it is a technology that disappears, or is improved upon so much that there is not much need for a specific skill set. Remember when connecting to the Internet or a printer required your smartest friend? Think of all the things that at one time seemed forever and then disappeared – Netscape, Winamp… wait is it just things AOL buys (j/k)?

Nothing is forever, but there are signs when something is becoming more entrenched into our core. For anyone that has friends and family in the education industry, they know how sometimes universities are slow to incorporate new technology. How many colleges are still using horribly outdated webmail clients? That’s why it is such an incredibly exciting sign to see universities themselves incorporating APIs. If they are joining it is a sign that we’ve reached some sort of maturity in the market. While growth still continues to be exponential, it is now apparent there is a ubiquitous positive view of the benefits of an API.  API Evangelist is a great blog for anyone in the API space, and he’s started a category just to cover the university space. While it’s a new section, the most interesting to me is his list. These are the first universities to take the leap, and all signs point towards many more joining soon.