Datadog & API Fortress: A Guide to Proper API Monitoring

API Fortress has been around since 2014, and our first main focus was to provide best in class API monitoring. Lately the industry has been more intrigued by the story of automating testing as part of the CI/CD pipeline, which means we don’t get to talk about monitoring enough. That’s why we were so excited […]

Add APIs to User Story Coverage in TestRail

User Stories are a major part of the Agile methodology. Being as specific as possible about the goal of a specific feature for a specific user. It’s common to connect those stories with the JIRA feature, and keeping development and QAs on the same page. This is the precise location where test case managers become […]

2 Questions to Ask Before Buying API Testing Enterprise Software

Most people who embark on the journey of purchasing business software are already aware that vendorization is not going anywhere. Everything from HR, IT Services, Business Strategy, Logistics — and (in our case) API Testing Software, is being used by major corporations, but are developed, maintained and supported by 3rd party companies. This makes sense. […]

Why You Need a Platform That Scales in API Testing

A cloud based platform like API Fortress allows for the sort of scaling that’s simply impossible with a local device based installation. First and foremost, the cloud based nature of the platform allows for collaboration. As a user, I can write a test and be certain that the other testers who need access to it will have […]

API Fortress + LevelUp Case Study

ABOUT LevelUp LevelUp is building next-generation mobile experiences for over 200 brands nationwide: empowering businesses to engage customers, grow sales and build a long-term scalable mobile strategy. LevelUp’s platform offers a broad range of customized functionality: mobile rewards, payments, native online ordering, customer relationship management, a campaign creator with custom messaging, loyalty, gifting, and much more. […]