Atlassian Jira Integration in to API Fortress

Atlassian Jira is a platform that is built for software teams. It allows groups of developers, testers, and managers to communicate effectively while raising issues, fixing bugs, or proposing new features. It provides agile development tools so that teams can operate as efficiently as possible. Jira integrates with a number of powerful development and testing tools, […]

API Fortress Simplifies Deployment with Docker

Cloud computing is the future. Whether in its current form or some other yet to be established form, distributed computing is here to stay. For some companies, this trend towards cloud computing and software as a service can create a number of problems. Companies that have strict security standards have to modify their security protocols […]

QA Symphony and API Fortress: An Integration to Improve Jenkins Deployments

QA Symphony is one of our favorite partners. They are a leader in the test case management industry, and we have always wanted to provide value to our mutual customers. That is now a reality. Announcing our integration with Qtest. You can now get the test results of your deployment into qTest. Giving you all the information you […]

Status Pages for API Uptime

APIs are at the core of virtually every enterprise today. How do you know they are currently up and running well? The reality is you don’t. Best case, you email someone in the API team and he shrugs and says, “no one has said anything about them being down.” Every company should have a single […]

TIBCO Mashery + API Fortress: We Meshery!

We have officially integrated with Mashery! Now you can login to your Mashery account from within API Fortress, and create a test automatically choosing your I/O Docs. We have more integrations like this in the pipeline, because it is exactly the sort of thing we envisioned when we had this idea in 2014. Create advanced and […]