API Testing Industry in a Nutshell

The average day of this particular API Fortress founder is spent doing one of two things. Either selling API Fortress, or talking about the API industry. Some people think running a startup is a glamorous life of champagne and yachts, but it’s mostly marketing campaigns and stomach knots. The really interesting conversations come when discussing […]

API Fortress Announces Successful Integration with Apiary

Partnership Integrates API Fortress Monitoring and Testing with Apiary’s API-First Design Platform New York, NY — November 7, 2016 — API Fortress, a leading provider of API monitoring and test solutions, and Apiary, the leader in API-First design platforms, today announced new integration capabilities. The joint functionality provides mutual customers the ability to link the start and end of […]

API Fortress Use Case: Payment Processors

We have a few payment processors that are customers, and they all had similar scenarios that led to them seeking us out. In a nutshell, they were each launching new versions of their API programs. The first APIs were minimally tested, but for the new version they wanted to have proper processes in place during […]

API Fortress Use Case: Retail / eCommerce

Affiliate programs are a common source of partnership revenue for retail and eCommerce companies. They have contractual obligations to deliver an API that can give their affiliates access to their store locations and products (as well as other things, but those are the big ones). Two large retailers came to us with similar requests: 1. […]

API Fortress Verse JMeter — 10 Differences

JMeter is a great open source application. Its original intent was to facilitate the process of load and performance testing of web pages. Since then, it has evolved and can now do load and performance testing for APIs, and even some very limited functional testing. JMeter is awesome, and we ourselves had depended on it […]