Connectors (Notification / Integrations)

Connectors are the way API Fortress integrates with other services to send data or notifications to them.

There are two types of connectors:

  • Failures Only: this kind of connector will send an event only when a test failure happens. This is typical for stateless services, like Slack
  • Send All: will send all events, including successes, and this is very handy when the service will need to log everything or alter a state

Currently Available
We are constantly adding new integrations and connectors. Currently we have:

  • Slack
  • BigPanda
  • DataDog
  • HipChat
  • Cisco Spark (soon)
  • Twilio (soon)

Connectors are part of the Alert Groups subsystem. They can only be set up by users with the “manager” role, and can be accessed by doing the following steps:

  1. Access the company settings page, by clicking the gear top right.
  2. Select “Alert groups” on the side menu.
  3. Create a new group (if needed).
  4. connectorsClick on the connectors icon.
  5. Add a new Connector.
  6. Choose a service from the list.
  7. Fill the required information to make it work.

Once the Alert Group is set, you can assign it to a project by:

  1. Go back to the main dashboard.
  2. Edit a project.
  3. Select your Alert Group in the “Alert distribution group” field.
  4. Save the project.