Copy a Test

Here we will show you how to copy and paste a test. Before that, it should be noted that this is often not the right thing to do. Take a step back and ask yourself if this is actually the perfect solution. Often users get into habits of doing things the way they were used to, but there are many things we have specifically built to improve work efficiency. Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you looking to do negative testing? You can potentially do that in the same test using data sets and the IF component + status codes.
  • Are you looking to run from different environments? No problem with Presets.
  • Do you want to run most, but not all, test in a specific project? Execute tests using tags. (example, using a unique webhook and the tag of ‘live.’)

First, enter the project and test. Then click over to the Published version of the test, then the Copy to Clipboard option becomes available.

copy 1

Click Copy to Clipboard and then browse to the Tests view of the same, or another project. There Paste from Clipboard becomes available.

copy 2

So here is that entire adventure in video form.