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API Fortress was a tool built by our lead engineer to test his APIs and web services properly. He searched for an online solution but could not find one. He had an idea of how to build it and came up with a prototype that worked. We then all realized this was an actual thing. People need more than a simple “is the API up or down?” check. They need to make sure it is actually working properly (from the development process to production). That each response comes back properly formatted and with the answers that are expected. This is a market need, so we are attempting to be the solution.

APIs, APIs Everywhere!
As of this writing ProgrammableWeb’s directory has 11,087 APIs. In 2012 the was a new club deemed the “API Billionaire Club,” made up on the most used APIs in the world. Twitter was averaging 13 BILLION calls per day (in 2012!) while Google and Facebook were both around 5 billion per day. Salesforce is over 12 billion per month and Evernote is doing over 3 billion. These are huge numbers that relay the importance of APIs in today’s culture. APIs run today’s Internet.

APIs are rapidly becoming core to the business of many major companies, but what happens when data is missing in the response? What if there is an extra comma? How do you confirm the response times are within your service level agreement?

Currently the only methods to test the workflows and use cases of an API are either to use automated services, which can only test if your service responds or not (yes/no), or to use human testing.

We have developed a platform that can solve that gap. API Fortress is an enterprise platform that is capable of verifying complex API responses without the need for human intervention. Setup the tests, schedule the runs, and you are done. If there is a problem you will be alerted via email and/or SMS with a detailed report.

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