Connectors – So Many to Report

We do not brag about all the UI/UX improvements we make to API Fortress because it is constant. A few weeks ago the Settings page changed drastically and helped open the door to some amazing improvements. One of them is the ease by which connectors can be used now.

It is simpler than ever to connect to Datadog, Bigpanda, Slack, Statuspage, and HipChat. There are others as well, and we are adding some daily.

Now we do want to make one important note. The image below was made by our CEO, not our design team. It is not representative of the platform’s UI improvements. He is terrible at design and not allowed to touch anything besides an occasional blog post.


New Connector – BigPanda

More amazing updates to make life easier for everyone. A new connector was added to the API Fortress notification panel. We have specifically made the platform very flexible to integrate with any system, using our WebHooks or API. With that said, we are constantly building connectors to make integrating with your other tools even easier.

Notifications can now be sent to! We already have Slack, HipChat, Elastic, and Statuspage built in, and more are being added weekly. BigPanda is a big one for us though, so we thought it worth shouting from the mountaintop!

Find out more at BigPanda or our docs.


Time Zones: A Fascinating and Annoying Invention

giphyDo you realize how complicated time zones are? It leads to confusion in America and Canada, especially if you live right on the line, but have you considered the complications when dealing with it internationally? We have to unfortunately.

When creating a new user in API Fortress, you are presented with a couple hundred time zone options besides the basic American and Canadian ones. We are working to pair that down but there is a very good reason for it, that many North Americans do not realize.

Here is a list that will make your brain explode. Japan does not observe daylight savings, and only some of Australia does. This is why something as simple as UTC +9 does not work exactly. It is sort of fascinating that we have the ability to globally sync up all of our clocks, but we choose to slide the scale of what that moment in time actually means. Knowing the precise time that something occurred is an important factor when reviewing logs to decipher what may have happened to your APIs.

We live in a global economy, and with that comes a responsibility to think that way. This is the sort of Pandora’s Box that we are constantly opening and delving into, and that your test team may not be. It can make a real difference, and is another reason why you should consider checking out API Fortress even if you have already created some testing tools and monitors internally.

New Notification Methods: BigPanda + StatusPage

How many weeks in a row is this with a major new feature? Might be going on months at this point. This week we can announce new notification integrations with BigPanda and StatusPage.

BigPanda is a popular alert consolidation system, and StatusPage is a status page (the name works well). Now all API Fortress alerts can be sent to BigPanda with just a few clicks, or your StatusPage can be automatically updated when your system is down and then updated when it returns. In the coming weeks we will have so much more as well:

  • Want to test off your local machine using API Fortress in the cloud? No problem. Seriously, we have this in beta already.
  • More integrations.
  • A new landing page when you first login.
  • More guides and help docs.

Have a suggestion? Let us know and we can put it on the roadmap. We are on fire development-wise, and will continue to iterate in record fashion.

so excited

New Feature: Webhooks!

Sometimes a new feature is more than that. It is a huge jump in what the platform can do. API Fortress is built on APIs, and those APIs have been publicly available since last year, but it was not a sexy system. Now it is sexy.

Creating a webhook is as easy as the video below shows, and all the information is on our Apiary page here:

It is now easier than ever to incorporate API Fortress into your continuous integration plans. Make API Fortress calls to verify the latest versions of your latest deployments, no matter the platform you are using: Jenkins, CircleCI, Travis, etc…

Have questions? Shoot us an email, or ask using the chat plugin on the homepage.