TechCrunch DC – Meet Up + Pitch-Off

API Fortress decided to take a train ride South to attend the TechCrunch DC Meetup and Pitchoff yesterday. We applied to be part of the pitch-off and were told the Thursday before that we were accepted into the competition! This was great news but also a bit nerve racking as we had never “pitched” our product in this sort of environment. Adding more difficulty to the matter was the fact that we had 60 seconds and no visual aids. API Fortress is a powerful engine, but it’s not something you can explain well in 60 seconds to a group of people that may or may not be particularly technical. So our goal for the day was to meet some interesting folks, learn a little more about ourselves, and have a good time.

All our goals were met PLUS we got 2nd in the pitch-off! Big thanks to TechCrunch for organizing the event. It was incredibly well run and much larger than we could have expected. Really shows how important TechCrunch is to the industry. We look forward to meeting the team again at the NY meetup on Thursday!