Create an API Test in Under One Minute


Create an account for free here  and build your own test in under a minute.

A few weeks we soft launched a new feature on our test composer. It is a button that we have named ‘Magic.’ While we excel at creating products and features, we often struggle to come up with great names. With that said, this name is less hyperbolic than most would presume.

The first big objection we hear to building these tests is that you need to know how to code. Even if you are using a platform like Runscope, to create anything more than a simple test requires writing Javascript. We fixed that with our composer’s UI and assertion library. No code necessary, ever.

The next big objection is that people are hesitant to learn how to use a new platform. We are making videos and creating help guides and product tours to facilitate this, but we realized there is one big thing we could do to help users. If you are working with APIs you know how to make a simple HTTP call. Something along the lines of If our assumption is that you can do that, how much can we accomplish with just that information?

From that simple question we built Magic. Make an API call, press the button, and then the platform builds a test for you. From there you just need to review and make adjustments. This is a big deal to us, and think it will be a big deal to our users as well. You do not need to learn new things to get up and running instantly. See the video below for yourself. Create an account and try it. We think we are on to something big.