An Alternative to Smartbear SoapUI — The API Fortress Advantage

Smartbear’s SoapUI has been around since 2007. It has been a key player in the SOAP API testing space, and has made advancements for the REST world, but it was not built with the REST protocol in mind. API Fortress was. We built the platform specifically for today’s architectures, and that includes SOAP, but with an eye towards the future.

Smartbear sold last month to a large private equity firm. A new owner means uncertainty, and often selling to a PE firm means a stagnation of the product. When HP sold their software assets to Microfocus, Gartner immediately suggested their customers should look elsewhere.

With that in mind, here are 10 major advantages API Fortress has over Smartbear’s SoapUI:

  1. No Coding (docs)
    Over 65 assertions (rules), allow creating intelligent tests without having to write any code. A smart test, generated for you, and then drag-and-drop editing of that test. See it in action.
  2. Test Scheduling
    SoapUI has a different platform for monitoring, but it doesn’t offer true functional testing. It is a simple ping test. API Fortress allows you to schedule that intelligent test you created to run as often as you like, from any of our global locations.
  3. The Vault (docs)
    API Fortress has the ability to easily save bits of code, or a variable, that can be called in any other tests. SoapUI only allows you to copy a full test. Only create the authorization process once and use that process in all your tests.
  4. Web-Based / REST Focused
    The platform was was built from the ground up to work with today’s architectures — web-based and specializing in the REST protocol. SoapUI is a desktop application that uses ReadyAPI for some cloud features.
  5. Team Collaboration
    API Fortress was built with team collaboration in mind. A web-based platform with user roles, and full administration controls, that work out of the box. SoapUI only allows collaboration via GitHub by using an integration.
  6. Integrations (docs)
    Do not change how you work. We have email, SMS, Slack, New Relic, JIRA, BigPanda, Elastic, and many more built in. If the platform has an API, we can connect to it. SoapUI requires you to install HermesJMS just for emails and SMS. Integration with other platforms is an even messier hack.
  7. Connectors
    We are constantly expanding how we work with other API platforms to make life simpler for you. We have connectors for Mulesoft and Kong, integration partnerships with Mashery, and a plugin for Jenkins. We are also being built into the Oracle API manager. A completely agnostic solution that can stay with you no matter who you choose to manage your APIs in the future.
  8. On-Premises AND/OR Cloud
    The entire platform can run off, or within your own infrastructure. It works exactly the same no matter how you choose to engage with it.
  9. Status Page
    Monitor the functional uptime of your APIs from various locations globally, and have a detailed real-time status page generated for you.
  10. Support
    You will be hard pressed to find a more responsive organization. We are not big brother. We are a bunch of people that take testing seriously.