API Fortress Improved Automation Capabilities + Version Control

API Fortress Improved Automation Capabilities + Version Control

With the latest version of API Fortress on-premises, the platform can now integrate with your version control and CI/CD systems. The first API testing and monitoring platform to seamlessly merge automation with source control.

While still being a centralized platform for monitoring and testing, API Fortress now allows developers to write unit tests in their preferred IDE, and use version control systems like Git or Mercurial to manage the code. QAs can run those tests from the platform, while also creating their own tests using the test generator and drag-and-drop interface.

Then, you can have Git automatically push your tests to the platform based on workflow triggers, or using a pipeline from a Jenkins or Travis-CI. This further extends its value to developers, and brings all teams that care about API quality to a central location. With true cross team collaboration, API Fortress is the most logical choice for companies that take automation and version control seriously.

To learn more please contact an API Fortress representative, or email info@apifortress.com.

API Fortress is a complete performance and quality solution for companies that care about their APIs. A web-based platform to help teams evaluate API accuracy, monitor performance, and simulate load. Reduce costs with automated test generation, save time with an intuitive interface, and validate deployments to catch problems before your customers or partners. To learn more about why companies are switching to API Fortress visit http://apifortress.com.