API Fortress is in the Oracle API Platform Book from Capgemini


We’re been partners with Oracle for some time. They look to us to help their customers efficiently setup scalable API testing solutions. The Capgemini team was gracious enough to include us in their book about implementing the Oracle API platform. It’s a great read for anyone looking into choosing the right API platform for them.

I want to personally thank the Capgemini team that put the book together (we are the 7th chapter). Thank you to Sander RensenAndrew BellLuis Weir, and Phil Wilkins from Capgemini. As well as Vikas Anand at Oracle who wrote the forward.

When choosing an API platform it’s important not to disregard what your expectations are in 3-5 years. Unfortunately companies get sold on what a platform can do for you now, but don’t disregard the future when testing, scaling, and monitoring are all critical as an API program grows. Oracle’s APIM is one of the platform that we partner with and can help give you a powerful turnkey solution to answer your cross-team end-to-end testing needs.

Definitely a good read as you choose which platform is right for you. Buy here.