API Fortress Use Case: Apps

A fun little fact that not many people know. The vast majority of apps run off APIs. It is how the app communicates with the platform and gets the information it needs. Ordering an Uber? That’s an API call. This one actually.

This customer has a very popular app, that requires real time calls to their platform. Up until this point, the QA team was solely focused on testing the application itself (UI/UX). They were deploying a new version of the API that powers the app, and with that wanted a tool that allowed the QA team to also take on the responsibility of making sure the API that powers the app is working properly as well. Full end-to-end testing. They had specific requirements:

1. Doesn’t require coding.

2. Flexible and intelligent tests due to drastically changing payloads.

3. Can be used on-prem for security purposes.

4. Can be scheduled to run automatically when live.

These are exactly what API Fortress is built for. After a quick and successful on-premises POC, they became a happy customer. Why isn’t everyone testing their APIs this extensively? Great question. We’re working to fix that everyday.