API Fortress Use Case: Retail / eCommerce

Affiliate programs are a common source of partnership revenue for retail and eCommerce companies. They have contractual obligations to deliver an API that can give their affiliates access to their store locations and products (as well as other things, but those are the big ones). Two large retailers came to us with similar requests:

1. Easy to use for a team with limited technical capabilities (no coding).
2. Simple and quick onboarding (one uses Apiary).
3. Cloud and on-premises.
4. Tests run on a schedule.
5. Notifications by text, email, and Slack.

After two short proofs of concept, we gained two more happy customers. We are the only API testing platform deeply integrated with Apiary, and that can generate a comprehensive test without needing to write code. They were up and running in a matter of hours once they installed the Docker containers, and we helped onboard their public APIs to the cloud ourselves. It really is that simple.