API Fortress Use Case: Stock Image Provider

Due to the flexibility of the platform, we see many different ways in which our system is used. Every company is different, and has a different set of needs. With that, over the next few days I will be sharing some common and interesting use cases from existing customers. Everything is anonymized and changed a bit for the sake of our customers’ privacy.

We were approached by a image company that delivers images by API. They were using an API manager, but realized the platform provided little more than a ping test for uptime. They wanted true functional monitoring. Their requirements:

  1. Can work with their API manager
  2. Cloud based, with multiple locations globally
  3. Can test automatically on deployments
  4. Live functional monitoring
  5. Can work with their preferred notification platform — BigPanda
  6. Easy onboarding

After a short proof of concept, and the addition of a BigPanda integration, they became a happy customer. We did most of the onboarding ourselves, because a lot of the monitoring was for their public APIs. It really was as simple as that. Now they have automatically triggering integration tests, functional uptime monitoring, and a status page. All that without having to do much themselves.

Try it yourself.