API Fortress Verse JMeter — 10 Differences

JMeter is a great open source application. Its original intent was to facilitate the process of load and performance testing of web pages. Since then, it has evolved and can now do load and performance testing for APIs, and even some very limited functional testing. JMeter is awesome, and we ourselves had depended on it for years before API Fortress. We are sometimes asked where we differ, and the reality is that it is comparing apples to oranges. We are not an application, but a platform. A platform that emphasizes logical test creation, detailed reporting, and powerful scheduling. Despite that, here are some quick notes.

1. Ease of Use. You can create a comprehensive API test in under one minute with our platform, which is not at all the case with JMeter. https://vimeo.com/apifortress/magic verse http://www.testautomationguru.com/how-to-test-rest-api-using-jmeter/
2. Easy to create detailed functional tests. Anyone with basic API knowledge can be an automation expert.
3. Integration test creation. The holy grail of end-to-end testing, made easy.
4. Integrations with other platforms for notifications, data, reporting, ticketing, etc… You do not have to change how you work, the platform only adds to your processes.
5. Scheduling. Run the tests whenever you want, from wherever you want.
7. Detailed reporting. Know exactly what happened in detail. Where the problem was, what the HTTP header and payload were. Have every detail at your fingertips.
8. Status page. A single URL that anyone can look at to understand their APIs current health.
9. Team collaboration features. We are a platform, with various user roles. Everyone works together to build things faster and better.
10. Customer Service. Have a question or request? We are here to help.