A few months ago we released an exciting new feature – load testing. As with everything we do it wasn’t about us simply creating a feature to “check off a box.” We wanted to reconsider what load testing was at its core.

Currently, when you look at load testing platforms they are just throwing hits at a server trying to bog it down. While that’s nice, it does not reproduce a real world scenario. Furthermore, it’s 2018, and a huge majority of companies are using flexible cloud services like AWS and Google, which can scale with the traffic. Therefore, the entire exercise is somewhat moot.

That is when we decided to go after the gap in current load testing solutions. Your average user will not simply browse to your page and stay there. They will go through a flow; perhaps searching, adding items to a cart, and checking out.

This is easy enough to reproduce for websites and applications using a recorder, but what about for an API? That is where API Fortress’s unique capabilities shine. Since the platform is specifically built to make it easy to create complex end-to-end API tests, why not use those same tests to properly test load on your servers? Don’t send 10,000 pings, but 10,000 users.

Here is the TL;DR version of how we differ from most load testing applications.

  1. Simplicity.
    The easiest API testing platform to create functional tests that reproduce user flows.
  2. Use your existing tests.
    You don’t need to write code, or rewrite tests just for load testing. Use the robust tests the platform can generate for you.
  3. Test functionality and load.
    By pushing a high number of tests that reproduce user flows, you can properly track where a platform might be failing you down to the application layer. What if only one object in a payload fails, because it’s served by a database that can’t handle as much load as the others? This is the exact gap current load testing platforms are not showing you.

It should be noted that load testing is currently only available to on-premises or private cloud customers, but we can setup a trial for you. Signup on the right, or shoot us an email at info at apifortress.com. We can get your trial started within the day.

Here is a video walkthrough!