Atlassian Jira Integration in to API Fortress

Atlassian Jira is a platform that is built for software teams. It allows groups of developers, testers, and managers to communicate effectively while raising issues, fixing bugs, or proposing new features. It provides agile development tools so that teams can operate as efficiently as possible. Jira integrates with a number of powerful development and testing tools, including API Fortress.

API Fortress makes automated API endpoint testing accessible for people of all levels of technical expertise. From tester to developer, API Fortress’ robust feature set and accessible graphical user interface allow anyone to stand up a meaningful and functional API test in minutes. After setting up the test, API Fortress allows the user to schedule it to occur regularly and export the results to a number of other platforms.

API Fortress and Jira are integrated through API Fortress’ Connector systems. API Fortress Connectors are preconfigured integration scripts that come bundled with the platform. In the case of the Jira Connector, with just a few clicks API Fortress will begin creating Issues in your Jira instance. Rather than populate your Kanban board with dozens of issues from a recurrent error in a scheduled test, the Connector seeks out the card from the first instance of the error and appends a comment to it. This way, a user has access to all of the pertinent information without flooding your Kanban board with repeat issues. API Fortress combined with Jira allow everyone on the team to view API Fortress results in real time without having to log in to the API Fortress platform. API testing with API Fortress combined with issue tracking from Jira leads to fast response times to important fixes.