Dead Servers and Sweaty Men

It seemed like a regular Friday at API Fortress, when suddenly our failure alert Slack channel starting blowing up. The alerts were API failures from MajorCRM Inc (keeping this private for obvious reasons). When you call APIs constantly, as we do, random HTTP failures are common. We can see connection timeouts, socket timeouts, bad gateway, service unavailable, etc… As long as the events are […]

One Test, A Million Uses: Introducing Variables Override

We are happy to announce that API Fortress 4.4.0 is introducing a new feature: variables override. Again, we are not great at naming things but this is actually pretty great. This new feature allows you to alter variables of a test when you schedule it. Easy example: you can create a new schedule to execute a […]

New Downloader: Brazil

One of the best features that API Fortress provides is the ability to test your API from various locations instantly. Create a test and schedule it to be tested from various locations globally. We often find that a test called from the West Coast responds differently than from Dublin, Ireland. Not just from a latency perspective (obviously), but the actual response can […]

Parlez-Vous Francais? French Can Ruin APIs.

That title is a bit misleading. The reality is that any language can lead to this problem. Full disclosure, I am French Canadian. Born in Quebec but raised in America. So what am I talking about here? When an API is streaming, a character set (ASCII for example) has to be declared. These charsets do not […]

APIs – When a Misconception Becomes the Truth

When work started on API Fortress the CTO hated the word API. He was adamant that the majority of what was called APIs were actually, in his words, “freaking web services!” Yet, API was the buzzword of the time and thus ‘API’ was used in the company name. This is a common dirty little secret in the tech industry. It […]