Not XML or JSON? No Problem.

One advantage of being a startup is the ability to listen to users and make adjustments quickly. Recently, we had a user try to use Magic on his API. Unfortunately it was hanging and not working properly. Long story short, the problem was a lack of proper error handling on our part. Magic works with common […]

New Dashboard!

Introducing the brand new dashboard! Our tools for diving into the metrics and logs of your tests are now more powerful than ever, and we have added new key features: Save View You can now save views to quickly load them up later on. Monitors A new and easier way to create and view latency and fetch alerts. […]

The Marvel Character API – The Super API about Superheroes

I did not grow up in love with comic books. I was in love with TV cartoons about characters from comic books. Batman, X-Men, basically anything Fox animation did for daytime cartoons in the 90s. This means that there is a lot of information I am missing about lore, backstories, and so forth. Thankfully Marvel has built […]

New! API Definition Spec Test Generation [Swagger / API Blueprint / I/O Docs]

Big new feature. API Fortress now allows you create a test from all four major API definition types. Last week we released support for RAML, and this week we have added Swagger (Open API Initiative), API Blueprint, and I/O Docs! It’s as simple as linking a URL or pasting the file right into the platform. […]

NEW! RAML Support – Create a Test from a RAML File

Today we are pleased to announce that you can create a test from a RAML file! RAML, a project led by Mulesoft, is one of the most popular API definition types. Definition files are great and we aim to support all of them. RAML is just the start for us. Go to create a test and then choose […]