API Fortress for Cucumber BDD: Add APIs To Your BDD Testing in a Unified Workflow

With API Fortress for Cucumber BDD, it is now possible for all stakeholders to close any gaps in understanding of what should be tested and why something doesn’t work. By giving business owners a little insight into how their user stories may impact API functionality, resilience, and performance, API Fortress for Cucumber BDD can transform the efficiency and effectiveness of BDD and TDD

API Fortress Events

More events coming soon in 2020. We look forward to seeing you all.

Connect API Fortress to Any Database

Connect API Fortress to any database including Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, IBM Db2, Splunk, and other databases. Our Helper App transforms databases and files such as CSV or Excel spreadsheets into APIs.

Automate a Jenkins CI/CD Pipeline with API Fortress

Automate a Jenkins CI/CD Pipeline with API Fortress

With a CI/CD pipeline, the work of distributed teams come together in an automated flow to build, test, and deploy new code. That means rewriting the rules of how releases are built and tested. One of the first things that the Jenkins wiki (Jenkins Best Practices) tells newcomers to CI/CD is that “unit testing is often not enough to provide confidence [of desired quality].” The wiki then talks about the necessity to automate API testing throughout the lifecycle to ensure that all distributed teams are continually working with good services and data.

95% of API Breaches are Caused By This – Yet Few Test for It

Nordic APIs wrote a great article, with input from industry experts, about the security threats to watch for in 2020. In the story, they mention the usual suspects such as stealing credentials and mass overload (i.e., DDoS) attacks. It’s a great read, and the seriousness of those threats cannot be understated. What is understated, however, […]