Parlez-Vous Francais? French Can Ruin APIs.

That title is a bit misleading. The reality is that any language can lead to this problem. Full disclosure, I am French Canadian. Born in Quebec but raised in America. So what am I talking about here? When an API is streaming, a character set (ASCII for example) has to be declared. These charsets do not […]

APIs – When a Misconception Becomes the Truth

When work started on API Fortress the CTO hated the word API. He was adamant that the majority of what was called APIs were actually, in his words, “freaking web services!” Yet, API was the buzzword of the time and thus ‘API’ was used in the company name. This is a common dirty little secret in the tech industry. It […]

Uber – Thousands of Employees, None on API Documentation Duty

Uber is amazing. Living in NYC means I find myself using the app at least once a week. With that said, it doesn’t mean that Uber’s API is flawless. In particular, we are constantly seeing this billion dollar company make changes on the fly without any warning or update to the documentation. API Fortress tests the payloads of the […]

When Everything is Not Actually 200 OK

If you are fortunate enough to have an API where a ping that verifies status codes can suffice for your uptime analytics, at least be sure the status codes are accurate. Two of our customers ran their API programs for over six months, during that time their monitoring systems reported a 100% uptime. When they onboarded with us the ugly truth was revealed. […]

Small Errors Add Up

Reddit is one of the most popular social sites on the Internet. Everyone uses it from a normal person such as yours truly, to reporters and news agencies. While the site itself appears fairly straightforward, it is actually one of the more impressive sites we have encountered. A strong tech team has created a powerful platform. That does […]