Out With the Old, In With Three New

ESPN announced they are shutting down their public API. This brought sadness to the API Fortress team as the ESPN API was always one of our favorite demonstration APIs, but not for the reason you may be thinking. It was our most active test of the notification system. The ESPN public API had problems on a […]

API Problems Confessional – Episode 2

A friend of mine, staring at a nearly empty glass of beer last night, complained about his latest disastrous API work. We have to build software off an API and the client provided a document with ‘all the necessary information’to use it. What they called documentation was a pile of random data, filled with overly […]

API Problems Confessional – Episode 1

We don’t. A quick smoketest just before pushing live. Uh… good question. These are the most common responses when I asked people what their company does for API testing and monitoring. The reality is the market hasn’t reached the maturity of the HTML world, where websites like Keynote can offer fairly decent spot checking. This is a problem that we […]

10 Rules to a Successful API Program

Back in the mid to late 90s the web was a weird growing ecosystem. Enterprises sensed the potential, and a few actually knew how to work with it, but one thing everyone knew was that being online was necessary. They didn’t know exactly why, and many just used it as a directory to provide a […]