Can’t a Developer Do That?

Can’t a Developer Do That? This is a common question we hear when talking to people about API Fortress. It’s a simple question, but unfortunately the answer isn’t so simple.

Yes they can.

Oh, actually that was simple. Except when you dig deeper you see the much bigger problem. Technically, yes a developer can create their own API tests. The problem has never been that developers can’t do it. The problem is that they often don’t.

Firstly, writing tests are boring to many developers. It is something they want to put off as long as possible. Secondly, it is not a good use of their time. Most companies have a QA staff, so why should a constantly overworked developer be asked to do what another team is trained for?

There in lies what API Fortress is aiming to fix. Writing a test requires coding it in a programming language, which leaves QAs, Project Managers, and Product Managers in the dark. Those are three imperative pieces to a company’s API program, but only the developers have the tools and skillset. Imagine project managing a website’s development but being told you can’t use a web browser to view it. API Fortress gives those of us that can’t code the ability to write these tests. Now anyone in the company can check in on the API whenever they want.

So yes, a developer can do it themselves, but that’s only a small part of the team. For everyone else API Fortress is necessary. Once you start using it, you’ll wonder how you went so long without it.

ps: Developers will love it too. Write a test faster, and let us handle the scheduling and notifications. We store all the data too. Check it out, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.