Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) with Bamboo & API Fortress

Continuous Integration and Deployment is a development methodology that is rapidly becoming the preferred method for cutting-edge technology companies. Rather than testing large scale releases for large scale version deployments, each individual update to the codebase is tested and then integrated into the release platform upon passing. The CI/CD process allows for the more rapid deployment of updated code. This more rapid deployment strategy in turn allows a team to provide bug-fixes and new features at a faster rate than with previous deployment strategies.

Atlassian Bamboo is one such CI/CD platform. Bamboo allows developers to focus on coding rather than CI/CD processes. By allowing the user to create a robust build plan incorporating multiple external resources, Bamboo creates an elegant solution to the complex problem of Continuous Integration. API Fortress can be incorporated into Bamboo builds to ensure API ecosystem integrity in every build.

API Fortress makes automated API endpoint testing accessible for people of all levels of technical expertise. From tester to developer, API Fortress’ robust feature set and accessible graphical user interface allow anyone to stand up a meaningful and functional API test in minutes. After setting up the test, API Fortress allows the user to schedule it to occur regularly and export the results to a number of other platforms.

In concert with Atlassian Bamboo, API Fortress provides peace of mind for the development teams who use it. By incorporating API Fortress into a Bamboo build plan, the developers in question can be sure that the underlying API environment that powers their web presence is performing optimally. API Fortress spells the end of the dreaded silent API error by constantly monitoring all of your most important endpoints. By leveraging API Fortress’ externally facing API, this powerful monitoring and testing can be incorporated into your CI/CD workflow managed by Atlassian Bamboo.