The On-Premises Engine

What Is It

API Fortress can also come in an on-premises version. On-premises means that an API Fortress engine will live inside your infrastructure and will interact with your APIs from the inside, as opposed to the cloud solution where everything resides on the API Fortress infrastructure at


There are multiple reasons for having an on-prem engine, and these are some of the most common:

  • Security Restrictions
  • Access to Private / Sensitive Information
  • Large Companies That Want an Unlimited Amount of Deployments, Tests, and Users

But there’s another reason that makes it suitable for a number of users: customization


API Fortress is extremely modular and most functionalities can be replaced with different code, behaving in a different way. Some use cases are:

  • Storing the results of the tests in a dedicate archive, such as DynamoDB, a private MongoDB instance, or an object storage.
  • Customizing the chain of alerts with internal tools.
  • Storing the code of the tests in a location that is not the API Fortress cloud.
  • Adding the ability to ingest and analyze exotic data types.

All this is done with a few lines of Java. The engine itself can work as an SDK to build what you need. Or you can ask our team, we are glad to help.


A simple Docker deployment. We ask a handful of questions, setup a configuration file for you, and then you deploy with Docker. The system requirements here.


The engine operates exactly the same way API Fortress does in the cloud.