New Notification Methods: BigPanda + StatusPage

How many weeks in a row is this with a major new feature? Might be going on months at this point. This week we can announce new notification integrations with BigPanda and StatusPage.

BigPanda is a popular alert consolidation system, and StatusPage is a status page (the name works well). Now all API Fortress alerts can be sent to BigPanda with just a few clicks, or your StatusPage can be automatically updated when your system is down and then updated when it returns. In the coming weeks we will have so much more as well:

  • Want to test off your local machine using API Fortress in the cloud? No problem. Seriously, we have this in beta already.
  • More integrations.
  • A new landing page when you first login.
  • More guides and help docs.

Have a suggestion? Let us know and we can put it on the roadmap. We are on fire development-wise, and will continue to iterate in record fashion.