Not XML or JSON? No Problem.

One advantage of being a startup is the ability to listen to users and make adjustments quickly.

Recently, we had a user try to use Magic on his API. Unfortunately it was hanging and not working properly. Long story short, the problem was a lack of proper error handling on our part. Magic works with common APIs formats such as JSON or XML. Unfortunately, not all APIs are made equal. One lesson we are always learning the hard way is that when you think you’ve seen everything, something new appears. The user’s API was its own format, and the solution was to build the test by hand, which took under five minutes.

That is one thing that separates API Fortress from other platforms. Even in a situation like this, there’s a way out without platform work. As long as the payload is some sort of text, the platform provides the tools to transform it into structured data. While JSON is a golden standard, it’s not the default protocol. XML is the other main format, but those two combined still don’t make up 100%. There are specific needs out there such as legacy formats and uncommon platforms. That has always been our goal. Quick, codeless, and painless API testing for high tech startups, enterprise giants, and obscure niche technologies. We haven’t seen a hurdle we couldn’t cross yet, and we hope to keep that up.