Load Testing for REST and SOAP APIs

Reuse API functional tests as end-to-end load tests. Gain complete coverage, and detect load, stress, and performance issues faster.

End-to-End Performance and Load API Testing

Achieving consistent performance, speed, and reliability with APIs starts by transforming basic API testing into data-driven and end-to-end load tests. API Fortress empowers teams to quickly mass generate functional API tests that can be reused as end-to-end load and performance API tests. Now, rethink SLA uptime and performance with more accurate and useful metrics powered by API Fortress.

  • Mass generate functional API tests and automatically use those tests (or existing functional API tests) as end-to-end performance and load tests that check entire API flows
  • Automate end-to-end performance and load tests with or without a CI/CD pipeline
  • Use a simple UI and centralized platform to streamline collaboration, automation, and management of tests
  • Visualize critical real-time data about load and performance API health as well as get highly detailed test reporting to accelerate debugging