Go Beyond Uptime with Unified API Monitoring

Raise the bar on internal and 3rd-party SLAs. Transform API quality by monitoring entire API flows for End-to-End Performance and Data-driven Functional Uptime.

Best practices for productizing APIs

Write Smarter Functional Tests for Web Services

API Fortress supports REST and SOAP web services. As a modern, cloud-native platform, API Fortress makes it easy for developers to work in parallel with QA engineers, automation engineers, and manual testers (technical and non-technical). Simplify management and execution of end-to-end API tests at any scope and scale.

  • Ensure that APIs function and perform as they should in real world scenarios: API tests run continuously in API Fortress as monitors
  • Catch a wide range of API issues that synthetic monitoring tools and traditional monitors cannot find
  • Deploy unlimited API monitors without paying for cap limits and seat licenses
  • Mass generate functional API tests that can be reused as end-to-end API monitors
  • Turn any database into an API for data-driven API testing and monitoring