NEW! RAML Support – Create a Test from a RAML File

Today we are pleased to announce that you can create a test from a RAML file! RAML, a project led by Mulesoft, is one of the most popular API definition types. Definition files are great and we aim to support all of them. RAML is just the start for us. Go to create a test and then choose Build from SPEC. From there it is just a few more clicks until a draft of an API test is created for you.

Here is the official press release.

API Fortress has just launched a major new feature that allows users to create an API test based on the RAML API definition spec. RAML (RESTful API Modeling Language) is a project led by a group of contributors, including Airware, Akana Software, AngularJS, API Science, Cisco, Intuit, MuleSoft and VMware. API Fortress allows users to build an API test without writing any code, and incorporating the ability to automatically generate a test just from a RAML creates an additional method of doing so.

API Fortress is currently offering free accounts to try the first visually guided API testing platform. It is the only tool that offers the ability to test an entire API without needing to write any code. For the first time a QA, Product Manager, or Project Manager can easily do what was once only possible by developers. All tests are logged, all errors are immediately reported, and all information is available on the dashboard for deeper analysis.

About API Fortress

API Fortress is the most complete API testing and monitoring platform available today. The visual test composer empowers anyone to create comprehensive API tests without writing any code. The company offers their platform as a managed service to enterprise clients, and recently launched a self-service feature which enables anyone to create a free account and get started. Create a test, schedule it to run autonomously, and get notified of issues as soon as they happen. A complete API solution that will strengthen customer retention and prevent revenue losses.

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