Shifting API Tests Right With Monitoring

Shifting testing left is a useful and commonly accepted practice of a mature SDLC, but what about shifting right? By shifting right and testing in production, you can significantly reduce the risk of any unforeseen bugs or crashes. Automated tests in production are exposed to the knowns and unknowns that APIs will encounter when live. Production environments typically contain complex systems and data sets that staging does not.

Deploy API monitors that are running data-driven functional, integration, and load tests. Test more and test better – in less time. Solve testing bottlenecks and ship products faster with greater confidence.


• Run API tests and monitors (with or without a CI/CD pipeline) that check the entire user flow
• Bring a single version of API health to key stakeholders for better collaboration, reduced risk of falling short of the user story
• Optimize testing scope management: test more and test better – in less time
• Mass generate data-driven functional API tests that can be reused as integration and load tests – and monitors – in any environment