Testing Against Performance and Status Code

API Fortress has always allowed you to set alerts based on the latency and fetch of a call. Lately, customers have been asking about making the process part of the API test itself.

We thought it was a good idea so we did it! Here is more information on how it works. In the CODE view it’s really straight forward:

<assert-less expression="payload_response.metrics.latency" value="200" type="integer"/>
<assert-less expression="payload_response.metrics.fetch" value="350" type="integer"/>
<assert-less expression="payload_response.metrics.overall" value="450" type="integer"/>

You should also notice some of the other tricks in there. Did you know you can use IF loops against status code? That’s the key to positive and negative testing in a single test.

So many bells and whistles, so little time to document all of it. We’re doing our best though. Have any more suggestions? We’re all ears.