shape of things to come

The Shape of Things to Come

The Shape of Things to Come

A message from the API Fortress CTO

API Fortress is a small team of dedicated people trying to deliver the best experience possible for automated API testing and monitoring across entire organizations. It may sound like a marketing pitch, but it pretty much describes what the company has been trying to do since its inception.

At the core of our continuous improvement, we embrace an iterative approach that quickly integrates critical customer feedback.

At the same time, it is unavoidable that we sometimes must push back on certain requests and ideas that don’t quite match up with our platform’s overall design and philosophy. This is not because we believe that certain feedback doesn’t make sense, but it is often because accepting them in our pipeline would require a major reengineering of the system. A reengineering that, due to our capacity, could not take place.

It is, however, the duty of a CTO to know when the fundamental philosophy of a platform is rooted in assumptions that must evolve to maintain pace with or stay ahead of a rapidly evolving market. A CTO must be able to act ahead of time, rethink what’s been done and be ready to succeed in a future market.

I think it is time to visualize the shape of the things to come in the API testing space, and while this whole preamble may sound a bit dramatic (talk to my coworkers, even my watercooler chats sound dramatic), I can assure you this is possibly the most exciting moment in the history of this company and hopefully for its customers.

Consider our latest API Fortress projects: Mastiff 2 and Forge 2. These two updates involve a major redesign and reengineering of the API Fortress platform that will bring huge benefits to all users.

The first API Fortress platform made an unparalleled improvement on the ability of QA engineers to write effective API tests, while allowing product owners to gain clear insight on what’s going on with the organization’s APIs. The upcoming API Fortress platform will extend its unique ease of effective test generation, enhanced visibility, and seamless collaboration to developers and project managers.

While developers are already using API Fortress by the hundreds, the upcoming API Fortress platform will offer enhanced UI and capabilities that specifically appeal to developers. Our plan is to extend what’s really working for QAs to developers, enabling a whole new level of control.

All updates to the platform will be without losing a bit of backward compatibility.

I know, it’s a bit vague, but I want it to be this way in this first post on this topic. We will gradually release more details about where we’re going.

We are so galvanized about our updating process that we decided to keep you posted on our project evolution. We’ll continuously update you on engineering details and other news through the voice of the people that are making this possible.