Why You Need a Platform That Scales in API Testing

Why You Need a Platform That Scales in API Testing

A cloud based platform like API Fortress allows for the sort of scaling that’s simply impossible with a local device based installation. First and foremost, the cloud based nature of the platform allows for collaboration. As a user, I can write a test and be certain that the other testers who need access to it will have direct and constant access to that very same test. It allows for a type of sharing workflow that is impossible with locally installed software. With locally installed software, only the machine that the test was written on can access the test itself. Imagine this issue scaled to a team of tens or hundreds of test engineers. What if one of them leaves the company? With API Fortress, all members of the team have access to all of  the tests in the suite. If we scale this further, what if an enterprise level organization brings in a consultancy team for a 3 month contract to develop their testing platform? The resulting tests would be spread across the machines of the users that created them. With API Fortress, these tests are all stored centrally and accessible by all users with the proper permissions.

With a cloud based platform, an administrator can establish user roles. User roles are useful to prevent damage from being done to the test suites themselves. API Fortress provides Administrator, Developer and Analyst roles so that management can delineate which users can create tests and which users can just execute them. With locally installed software, every individual instance of the software exists in an individual location. There are no user roles because there is no ability to collaborate. This gives management less granular control over who, with access to the software, can do what.

Another major advantage of API Fortress over locally installed software is the pricing model. An API Fortress license is for a set number of users, all of whom will be able to access the platform from anywhere that can access it’s hosted network. Locally installed software is licensed on a per-computer basis. In many cases, the advertised price for locally installed software is for a single machine, with a floating-type license (one user, any machine) costing up to ten times as much. Furthermore, API Fortress only considers actual users when tallying the number of users at an organization. Server instances running JenkinsBamboo, or other CI/CD platforms are not counted as users. With locally installed software, each of those individual machines running CI/CD software would need their own license since there’s no way to access the API testing software via the network.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly is the ability to derive meaningful, enterprise level results from your tests. With API Fortress, all of the test results coming from across the network can be viewed via the Dashboard. Adjustable date ranges allow for increased specificity in viewing test data. Because of the centralized storage of test results, API Fortress provides a detailed snapshot of the health of an API ecosystem. With locally installed software, test results exist on the individual machine that they were run on. In order to draw any sort of meaningful large-scale results, data would have to be aggregated from every machine running the software. In an enterprise scale environment, this task would require a dedicated team who’s sole responsibility would be to orchestrate this sort of test data.

API Fortress allows for a level of collaboration and meaningful data orchestration that’s not possible to achieve with locally installed software. Furthermore, the transparent user-based pricing model creates a value proposition that’s hard to beat. By exposing all of its test data via API call, the platform makes integrating with nearly anything a breeze. Connectors for SlackDatadogBigPanda.ioStatuspage.ioJIRAqTestZephyr and more are already available, with the list growing rapidly. Contact API Fortress today to see how a cloud based solution is the solution for you.

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API Fortress was specifically built for today’s agile architectures. A collaborative platform that bridges the gap between development, QA and DevOps. By collaborating using the simple GUI, teams can work together to create a series of powerful API test in one place. Then those tests can be executed at every stage of the lifecycle, in particular as part of the CI/CD process. Using our webhooks or Jenkins plugin, you can automatically execute tests and get notified of issues before the code is published live. The platform works in the cloud or on-premises, giving you the flexibility to run test from any environment while still satisfying security protocols. Catch errors before your customers find them and release code with confidence.