API Testing
and Monitoring

Discover a better breed of continuous API testing and monitoring that unifies functional, integration, and load testing across internal, partner, and third party APIs.

  • Test REST, SOAP, GraphQL, Web Services, and Microservices.
  • Automate tests as part of a CI pipeline
  • Monitor internal APIs continuously
  • Available by Hosted Cloud, Self-Hosted Cloud, or Hybrid
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Mass Generate Functional Tests quickly with API Fortress. This frees your organization to focus on making tests smarter. Functional tests can then be easily reused as integration (E2E) tests, load tests, and data-driven tests. Build hundreds of tests from:


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See best practices for continuous API testing and unified API monitoring. Compare API Fortress against other API testing tools in a downloadable checklist.
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Add Automated API Testing in Your CI Pipeline

Start Unlimited Monitoring of Your Internal APIs Today

“Our business team committed to exposing an API by New Years Day. I had less than three weeks to research, trial, purchase, and setup with a monitoring platform. After speaking with the Mashery team, they suggested API Fortress. The platform, and their customer service, had us up and running with time to spare. They helped eliminate a ton of potential headaches, and the platform was invaluable in reporting on our functional uptime reliability to partners.”
—Allan Neil,
Technical Product Manager at AudienceView

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“Organizations should standardize API testing on a single end- to-end platform to help maintain control over the quality of their digital transformations. Our native integration with API Fortress helps our customers migrate to their cloud-native future with greater certainty, and reduces the risk when delivering APIs.”
—Derek Birdsong,
Head of Product Marketing at TIBCO Mashery

“We wanted to have an agile approach to testing APIs, and API Fortress tests were more reliable than the [old] integration tests.”
—Fatima Maniyar, Software Quality Engineer at Salesforce

“API Fortress reset our expectations of what a testing platform can do. We’ve shifted mindsets from ‘what can be tested’ to ‘why aren’t we testing everything’ in our integration responses?”
—Nick Herbold, Network Team at LevelUp
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“FSI organizations should standardize API testing on a single end-to- end platform to help maintain control over the financial data exposure. When combining Axway with API Fortress, business owners can deliver new APIs quicker, safer, and with more confidence.”
—Axel Grosse, VP Innovation at Axway
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