brand new http client

A Brand New HTTP Client

A Brand New HTTP Client

By Lorenzo Fontana

We introduced an HTTP Client in API Fortress almost as an add-on. After all, API Fortress doesn’t necessarily need one to operate. Little did we know how important that tiny piece of software would become for our users.

No matter how powerful a testing tool is, many people want to experience the immediacy of performing an API call right away before jumping head first into the act of writing a test. This is a testament to how Postman has become a key tool for many people all over the world.

But in acknowledging that the HTTP Client is a necessity, we must also acknowledge that it could also be more functional, intuitive, and effective than anything currently available. While the original implementation of the HTTP Client was meant to be part of our core product offerings, we are compelled to make several critical improvements to help ensure that it can fulfill an increasingly vital role for our customers.

This is why the implementation of Forge 2 started from the HTTP Client.

The core needs that will be satisfied by the new HTTP Client include:

  • Work well locally as well as on the web. This HTTP client will be part of Forge 2, sure, but it will be an essential item of our cloud platform as well.
  • Leverage local and remote download agents. One of the key features of API Fortress is that our remote download agents allow you to perform an HTTP call originated from different locations. This feature was not available locally from Forge.
  • Feature everything an HTTP client needs
  • Be More Intuitive and Responsive
  • Manage every piece of information loaded and saved as directories and text files, so that versioning becomes the most natural thing in the world

While we have a long road ahead, we would like to show you where we are right now with a couple of videos: