User Stories are a major part of the Agile methodology. Being as specific as possible about the goal of a specific feature for a specific user. It’s common to connect those stories with the JIRA feature, and keeping development and QAs on the same page.

This is the precise location where test case managers become critical parts of the QA team’s workbench. An efficient and collaborative place to connect the tests with JIRA. That is where TestRail really shines.

Program, web, and application testing has existed for many years (by Internet standards), and most teams have found ways to automate that works. APIs, on the other hand, are relatively new. With that comes a reticence to shift from manual testing to automated. With the need for companies to innovate faster, comes the need to expedite the testing stages with automation. That is where a platform like API Fortress can help.

It allows you to test left, at the source that powers those websites and apps you are testing today. Adding automation to the API testing phase also allows you to focus on what to test, not how to test.

That is why we are so excited to have completed our integration with TestRail. It allows you to add your API test results to your TestRail instance. A single location for all test results, from far left (API) to web and app. When a bug is found, you can more quickly diagnose the cause by eliminating the question of, “Is this an app bug, or API issue?”

Save time and release with more confidence. Something we are all aiming for.

To learn more about how to integrate visit the docs here:


TestRail Integration to Add APIs

TestRail Integration to Add APIs

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