postman vs api fortress

API Fortress Further Improves Their Integration with Postman

Postman is everywhere and it’s great. The perfect tool for exploratory testing during API development. While it’s a great start, when a company is ready to take the next step in terms of testing those APIs (which means a focus on automation, integrations, and data security) that’s when API Fortress comes in.

Thankfully with Postman’s collections, environments, and global variables; it is now easier than ever to make the move to API Fortress. We just completed new features to allow the importing of all three. You can read about them here. We also have docs on quickly generating tests from a Postman Collection.

We have a page dedicated to describing some of the larger ways in which we differ from Postman, but it might make sense to convey what we hear from our users that have made the switch.

In their words:

  1. “We need to collaborate but can’t use their cloud for security reasons”
  2. “Test creation is too slow and lacks capabilities”
  3. “We need our testers to work with our automation engineers, but neither uses javascript”
  4. “It’s difficult to create end-to-end tests”
  5. “The test reports are very limited and hard to share with management”
  6. “We want more data, and to integrate it with our other systems”
  7. “We need load testing”
  8. “I want to automate, but not from my computer, it should be persistent”
  9. Ultimately, a lot of these limitations come down to one huge difference. Postman is a downloadable program made for API development, while API Fortress is an API testing platform. Both have a place in your company, but with different goals and often different end users.