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API Fortress Integrates with Curiosity Software’s VIP Test Modeller

One thing that truly separates API Fortress from other API testing solutions is that we offer an API-first platform. This helps with collaboration, standardization, and integrations. That last part is where we really shine. On top of countless out-of-the-box integrations with TIBCO Mashery, Axway, Slack, JIRA, Kibana, Jenkins, TravisCI, and many more, our platform includes APIs that also make it easy for any partner to integrate with us.

That is what happened with our friends at Curiosity Software. They have a powerful test case and data platform called the VIP Test Modeller, and in a matter of days were able to create an integration that seamlessly allows our mutual customers to create test cases and test data, and then use them in combination with the API Fortress functional testing platform. All of this combines for a robust and visually guided experience to more easily create highly complex test cases for APIs.

Learn more about the integration on their blog here, or see the video below.