LevelUp Case Study

API Fortress + LevelUp Case Study


LevelUp is building next-generation mobile experiences for over 200 brands nationwide: empowering businesses to engage customers, grow sales and build a long-term scalable mobile strategy. LevelUp’s platform offers a broad range of customized functionality: mobile rewards, payments, native online ordering, customer relationship management, a campaign creator with custom messaging, loyalty, gifting, and much more.


LevelUp has a team responsible for testing new integrations to their platform. Testing had previously been done manually, and to make matters a bit trickier a majority of their testing team did not have software engineering backgrounds. The challenge was to find a tool that was simultaneously robust and easy to use.

“Testing had been done manually, but often failed to catch edge cases and took too much time!” -Nick Herbold, Network Team at LevelUp

The LevelUp team needed a solution that could work across departments without necessitating specific programming language expertise. Microservices are core to their business, and the uptime and functionality of those APIs is a key factor in customer satisfaction. They needed to find a solution that can help them quickly generate a suite of tests, without limiting their potential for growth in coverage and automation.


LevelUp explored some potential solutions, such as Postman, in order to automate their testing. Since the integration testing team at LevelUp had limited coding experience, many solutions that are on the market were unsuitable for their needs.

“The test builder UI had the most comprehensive list of components for building tests and validating assertions,” Herbold says. “Postman is very limited in comparison without writing custom Javascript with what it offered out of the box. Runscope has a clunky UI which is also limited in what can be composed without writing code.”

Simplicity without compromise is a core value for API Fortress. The graphical user interface allows engineers and non-engineers to stand up powerful functional tests quickly. The platform generated the framework of the tests for LevelUp, saving them hours in writing simple assertions. Their team was then able to leverage the library of components to add nuance and intelligence to the tests. Focusing their time on building tests to catch edge case scenarios, not the simple stuff.


API Fortress reset our expectations of what a testing platform can do,” said Herbold. “We’ve shifted mindsets from ‘what can be tested’ to ‘why aren’t we testing everything’ in our integration responses. It’s also changed our testing flow, helping us to realize testing can be done throughout the development cycle because we have these quick ways to look at the status of an endpoint instead of bundling testing at the end.”

API Fortress allowed the Integration Testing team at LevelUp to stop worrying about the “how” of API testing, and begin to focus on the “why.” Testing is a critical part of the software development lifecycle, and automated testing with API Fortress allowed LevelUp to upgrade that coverage. It reduced the burdensome minutia, and allowed the team to focus on the more interesting problems.

“In development,” Herbold says, “we’re looking to build things well and quickly. API Fortress is a great resource for testing an API in a comprehensive fashion. In production, we need to know when things are broken. The monitoring tools act as a guard, proactively informing us if part of the system goes down.”


  • A platform to automate their API endpoint monitoring.
  • Viewable metrics regarding API uptime and performance.
  • The framework should work seamlessly throughout the SDLC.
  • Powerful test creation for both non-developers and developers.
  • Strong ease-of-use without compromising future capabilities.


  • Generate tests from a payload or Postman Collection.
  • Intuitive yet robust interface for test creation.
  • Precise test scheduling for monitoring.
  • Integrates with any CI/CD process.
  • Detailed uptime monitoring reporting.


  • Ensures consistent response data from API routes.
  • Measures fetch and latency over time, generating viewable trends.
  • Constant uptime monitoring through test scheduling and automation.
  • Powerful dashboard for analysis of test results.
  • A status page to allow API testing data in one view-field for analysis.

Quick and Easy Test Development

Stand up tests quickly without having to code. Make an API call, click the Generate Test button, and watch the test appear. Use the graphical user interface to drag and drop components to extend test logic.

Monitor your APIs

View API health and status at a glance with the API Quality View. Check fetch, latency, and availability with the API Dashboard. See your entire API environment at a glance with the status page.

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API Fortress was specifically built for today’s agile architectures. A collaborative platform that bridges the gap between development, QA and DevOps. By collaborating using the simple GUI, teams can work together to create a series of powerful API test in one place. Then those tests can be executed at every stage of the lifecycle, in particular as part of the CI/CD process. Using our webhooks or Jenkins plugin, you can automatically execute tests and get notified of issues before the code is published live. The platform works in the cloud or on-premises, giving you the flexibility to run test from any environment while still satisfying security protocols. Catch errors before your customers find them and release code with confidence.