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API Fortress Co-Hosting Webinar on API Testing, Monitoring, and Security for Open Banking, PSD2, and Other API Initiatives

New York, NY — January 17, 2020 — API Fortress, leader in functional uptime monitoring and collaborative API testing, joins Curiosity Software in a webinar about a model-based approach to API testing and monitoring to significantly improve quality at banks and other companies accelerating releases for features with complex requirements. While API initiatives such as open banking and PSD2 may help to make customer experiences more responsive, they also challenge development, testing, and cyber-security leaders to think differently about continuous API quality and security.

To Open Banking and Beyond: Developing APIs that Are Resilient to Every New Initiative
January 30, 2020 | 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. EST

Patrick Poulin, CEO at API Fortress
James Walker, Ph.D., Director of Technology at Curiosity Software

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Many API initiatives such as open banking have not been standardized by a global governing body. This poses a challenge to banks and other organizations that may be exposing sensitive customer and financial data to public or partner APIs.

“Open banking and PSD2 are not global initiatives. In fact, the USA and Canada don’t even have open banking initiatives yet. Even with regulations, these APIs are extremely complex and require strict compliance with their respective legal standards. This can result in costly human error and fines, and further underscores the need for strong testing and monitoring policies.”

Patrick Poulin of API Fortress

James Walker of Curiosity Software comments on why their partnership with API Fortress gives companies a better way to test and monitor APIs:

“Massive logical complexity emerges as APIs are combined for modern apps and services. With model-based API testing, you can break that complexity down into small chunks, modeling individual APIs using a range of importers. Combining the models then hands off the complexity of test design to automated coverage algorithms. These generate the smallest set of tests and consistent data to test every logic gate. With API Fortress, developers or testers just need to push the data to the API Fortress test composer, and continuously execute a rigorous and maintainable set of API tests.”

James Walker of Curiosity Software on why our partnership gives companies a better way to test and monitor APIs

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