API Fortress for Mulesoft Customers

1.1b Identities Exposed in India, and It’s Not a Hack

India has a government ID database known as Aadhaar. It contains personal information on over 1.1 billion of their citizens and includes information that can be easily used for identity theft. This database is used by many government agencies to verify citizens when opening a bank account, buying a SIM card, applying for financial aid, […]

With APIF-Auto, The Integration Flow Has Never Been Easier

Jenkins is an incredibly ubiquitous tool for automating Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment flows. API Fortress has gone through several iterations of integrating with this powerful platform. With the introduction of APIF-Auto, the integration flow has never been easier. APIF-Auto, a command line tool that supports automated API Fortress test execution is an ideal tool for executing […]

API Fortress at QA Financial Forum in April

API Fortress at QA Financial Forum: Innovate Faster With Less Risk

Banks are moving to microservice architectures. This is a fact. The reality is that the best way for banks to keep up with startups like Robinhood is to “innovate faster.” While this is a buzzword, fundamentally it means pushing their offerings forward. Simply having an app isn’t enough. That app needs to do more. All […]

GraphQL API Workflows

API Fortress can easily test GraphQL API workflows. What’s GraphQL? Well, it might be best just to take a look at how they describe themselves: GraphQL is a query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data. GraphQL provides a complete and understandable description of the data in your […]