API Fortress at QA Financial Forum in April

API Fortress at QA Financial Forum: Innovate Faster With Less Risk

Banks are moving to microservice architectures. This is a fact. The reality is that the best way for banks to keep up with startups like Robinhood is to “innovate faster.” While this is a buzzword, fundamentally it means pushing their offerings forward. Simply having an app isn’t enough. That app needs to do more. All […]

GraphQL API Workflows

API Fortress can easily test GraphQL API workflows. What’s GraphQL? Well, it might be best just to take a look at how they describe themselves: GraphQL is a query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data. GraphQL provides a complete and understandable description of the data in your […]

Axway Imagine Summit – Come by our Booth

API Fortress is proud to be a sponsor of Axway’s Imagine Summit. Talking to Axway Amplify customers about helping minimize the risk and increase the speed of their new API releases. How So? You can now use our new Build from Axway button to login to your Axway instance and import your existing Swagger/Open API […]

Build with Axway – New Integration to Work Faster

API Fortress is proud to announce a new integration with a top integration manager – Axway! API Fortress is the most powerful continuous testing platform for APIs, and thanks to its flexibility and APIs is capable of integrations with top platforms for seamless workflows. This new integration allows current Axway customers to accelerate their delivery […]

When the Music Stopped – Spotify’s Broken API and Chain of Communication

Every major company suffers issues with their APIs eventually. Sometimes the issues are obvious (being totally down), and other times they are more subtle and therefore costly (eg: Etsy). What really separates companies is how they prepare for this scenario and handle it. On February 11th, the Spotify public API was experiencing intermittent failures which […]