Record Mocks with API Fortress and Kong!

A while back we released mocking/service virtualization as a new feature. Mocking is a really powerful tool that organizations are leveraging more and more to expedite releases and save money. There are many uses for mocking, but my three favorite when describing it are: Mock paid APIs such as Google Maps or Salesforce when you […]

Are Banks Innovating Fast Enough? What Plaid Buying Quovo Means for Bank APIs

In December Plaid raised $250mm, and then last week they used $200mm to purchase Quovo. What does this say about banks shifting to microservice architectures? “25 percent of Americans with bank accounts have connected to Plaid through an app” – Plaid What Is It? First, let’s explain what Plaid and Quovo are. They make it […]

Deploy API Fortress with Kubernetes

Use Kubernetes to Make API Fortress Deployments Simpler

API Fortress has been the leading collaborative API testing platform since 2016, and today we are happy to announce you can use Kubernetes to deploy the platform. This adds yet another option to the already highly customizable deployment options available for our customers. Kubernetes allows for the speedy deployment of a highly available, resilient instance. […]

The Developer Flow: New Command-Line Tools for Developers & Automation Engineers!

API Fortress is excited to introduce a number of features specifically designed to enhance the flexibility of our enterprise API testing platform. New features specifically built to unlock the platform for developer teams that want to use their existing tools and processes. We call this The Developer Flow. Optional: Import/Export The first feature to discuss […]

Next level of testing

API Fortress Further Improves Their Integration with Postman

Postman is everywhere and it’s great. The perfect tool for exploratory testing during API development. While it’s a great start, when a company is ready to take the next step in terms of testing those APIs (which means a focus on automation, integrations, and data security) that’s when API Fortress comes in. Thankfully with Postman’s […]