UI Testing is Not Enough

“Our UI Tests Hit the APIs”

This is a true statement. It’s always true when you are doing things such as testing native mobile applications, for example. The problem is that it implies something that isn’t true. It implies that APIs are then being tested, which is not the case.

API Fortress is Speaking at API:World
— October 8th 2019

API Fortress is Speaking at API:World We’re please to announce that our founder Patrick Poulin will be at API:World in San Jose October 8th to present his presentation titled “Watching the World Burn: API Testing as an Afterthought.” The basis of the presentation is about Richard Feynman’s opinions on confirmation bias, and how they lead […]

New Feature! Test Data Generation

API Fortress is constantly looking to help you make your tests and API mocks stronger and smarter. The next big feature for us with this goal is test data generation! Now, you can dynamically generate test data from within tests and mocks on the API Fortress platform. Generate fake names, emails, addresses, and much more. […]

API Fortress Automates 3-Legged OAuth for API Testing and Monitoring

New York City — July 25, 2019 — API Fortress, the leader in continuous API testing, announces 3loa Helper, an open source application that automates 3-legged OAuth 2.0 flows from the world’s largest social and search providers. By simply integrating API Fortress with 3loa Helper, developers and test engineers can test and validate 3-legged OAuth […]

API Fortress Integrates with Curiosity Software’s VIP Test Modeller

One thing that truly separates API Fortress from other API testing solutions is that we offer an API-first platform. This helps with collaboration, standardization, and integrations. That last part is where we really shine. On top of countless out-of-the-box integrations with TIBCO Mashery, Axway, Slack, JIRA, Kibana, Jenkins, TravisCI, and many more, our platform includes […]