Time Zones: A Fascinating and Annoying Invention

Do you realize how complicated time zones are? It leads to confusion in America and Canada, especially if you live right on the line, but have you considered the complications when dealing with it internationally? We have to unfortunately. When creating a new user in API Fortress, you are presented with a couple hundred time […]

New Notification Methods: BigPanda + StatusPage

How many weeks in a row is this with a major new feature? Might be going on months at this point. This week we can announce new notification integrations with BigPanda and StatusPage. BigPanda is a popular alert consolidation system, and StatusPage is a status page (the name works well). Now all API Fortress alerts can be sent […]

New Components: While and Compare!

It was requested and we have responded. We build a lot of assertions and components, but they are often left hidden until a customer asks for it. This is because we want to keep the composer as uncluttered as possible. Last week we received two requests for items we had hidden, so now they are live for […]

Not XML or JSON? No Problem.

One advantage of being a startup is the ability to listen to users and make adjustments quickly. Recently, we had a user try to use Magic on his API. Unfortunately it was hanging and not working properly. Long story short, the problem was a lack of proper error handling on our part. Magic works with common […]

New Dashboard!

Introducing the brand new dashboard! Our tools for diving into the metrics and logs of your tests are now more powerful than ever, and we have added new key features: Save View You can now save views to quickly load them up later on. Monitors A new and easier way to create and view latency and fetch alerts. […]