API Fortress is in the Oracle API Platform Book from Capgemini

  We’re been partners with Oracle for some time. They look to us to help their customers efficiently setup scalable API testing solutions. The Capgemini team was gracious enough to include us in their book about implementing the Oracle API platform. It’s a great read for anyone looking into choosing the right API platform for them. I want to […]

Functional Load Testing

API Load Testing – Functional Testing at Scale

A few months ago we released an exciting new feature – load testing. As with everything we do it wasn’t about us simply creating a feature to “check off a box.” We wanted to reconsider what load testing was at its core. Currently, when you look at load testing platforms they are just throwing hits […]

Best Practices: Effective API Testing

API endpoints make websites work. Simply put, they are the conduits that data moves through. Login functionality? Frequently an API call for authentication. Click into a new section of a webpage? Often an API call for content. Clearly, APIs are a critically important part of any web application. The way that we test these endpoints […]