API Fortress + LevelUp Case Study

ABOUT LevelUp LevelUp is building next-generation mobile experiences for over 200 brands nationwide: empowering businesses to engage customers, grow sales and build a long-term scalable mobile strategy. LevelUp’s platform offers a broad range of customized functionality: mobile rewards, payments, native online ordering, customer relationship management, a campaign creator with custom messaging, loyalty, gifting, and much more. […]

{part II} Mocking Services Now Part of API Fortress

So, we understand why Mocking is a thing, but how exactly do we do it? With API Fortress, mocking an API is a straightforward process. This article will go into how it’s accomplished and discuss a few use cases. The first thing that a user needs to do is login to API Fortress. Next, they […]

Mocking Services Now Part of API Fortress

Imagine that you’re a developer working for a tech organization that uses a microservice architecture. Your team is responsible for the microservice that retrieves user data from a cluster of user databases located on the back-end. In order to make these requests, however, you depend on another microservice maintained by another team to provide you […]

How We Differ from Postman

We love Postman! It’s a great tool for interacting with the APIs you are building. The first sentence on the Postman website is “Postman Makes API Development Simple.” That is very true. What API Fortress does is make API testing simple. We are both important pieces of the lifecycle, and that’s why we work together […]

Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) with Bamboo & API Fortress

Continuous Integration and Deployment is a development methodology that is rapidly becoming the preferred method for cutting-edge technology companies. Rather than testing large scale releases for large scale version deployments, each individual update to the codebase is tested and then integrated into the release platform upon passing. The CI/CD process allows for the more rapid deployment of […]