Why Centralize API Testing?

The Benefits of Centralizing API Testing

When we started building API Fortress in 2014 there was a single word we kept returning to – centralization. Centralization. cen·tral·i·zation Noun. The action or process of bringing activities together in one place. At the time (and still today) the most common tools for API testing were desktop applications. APIs, at their core, help define […]

Have You Outgrown Postman?

Postman is a great HTTP client, and the perfect tool for manual exploratory testing. It’s a great start to any company building APIs, but once your API program has really kicked off it’s important to sit down and really consider what you want from your testing process. I know this because of the Postman users […]

From Postman Collection to Functional API Load Test

Postman Collections are great! They’re a terrific way to keep your API specifications organized. API Fortress is fully capable of consuming Postman Collections and using them to quickly generate functional API tests. In this article, we’re going to take a look at extending this process a step further and going from a Postman Collection to […]

API Fortress Travels America and Learns a Lot

In the past month API Fortress has sponsored 2 conferences, and has another next week. First was API Strat in Nashville, then Starwest in Anaheim, and next week we visit SeleniumConf in Chicago. What is fascinating is how unique each conference is. Broadly speaking, API Strat was focused on API makers, while Starwest was focused […]

API Fortress Case Study: Event Ticketing

ABOUT Ticketing Company Ticketing Company is the world’s largest ticket marketplace with tickets available for over 10 million live sports, music and theatre events in more than 40 countries. Owned by Parent Company, Ticketing Company continues to lead the ticket marketplace through innovation. Some company firsts: the introduction of the ticketing application, interactive seat mapping, 360 degree virtual views of […]