Did We Tell You About Docker and Test Tagging?

We have been doing so many releases that things fall through the cracks. A few months ago we Dockerized our on-premises solution. Everything you see on apifortress.com, can work exactly the same within your virtual private cloud. Making life a lot easier during setup. Install with a Docker, let the platform generate tests for you automatically, schedule to run whenever you wish. Welcome to 2017 testing.

Dynamic Tagging: This is one of those features that is about 10x more interesting than the name implies. Here is a really smart example. Imagine you are using API Fortress to test the live traffic of a ride sharing API. You can use our awesome IF component to dynamically set a tag when SUVs are not found (that’s an error). Then, finding those calls in the log is much simpler, and doesn’t require a complex SQL query. Search for “Crap! No SUVs.” There are likely more professional ways to tag, but you get my point. Have the API test do a lot of the work for you now, simplify analysis later.