Have You Outgrown Postman?

Postman is a great HTTP client, and the perfect tool for manual exploratory testing. It’s a great start to any company building APIs, but once your API program has really kicked off it’s important to sit down and really consider what you want from your testing process. I know this because of the Postman users I have been meeting at testing conferences across the country. They can be broken down into two groups

  • Those that are using Postman, and aren’t sure if it’s the right decision long-term
  • Those that have outgrown Postman

So what I’m going to do here is help those in the first group understand what we are told by the second group.

Reasons we hear as to why companies have outgrown Postman:

  1. “We need to collaborate but can’t use their cloud for security reasons”
  2. “Test creation is too slow and lacks capabilities”
  3. “We need our testers to work with our automation engineers, but neither uses javascript”
  4. “It’s difficult to create end-to-end tests”
  5. “The test reports are very limited and hard to share with management”
  6. “We want more data, and to integrate it with our other systems”
  7. “We need load testing”
  8. “I want to automate, but not from my computer, it should be persistent”
  9. Ultimately, a lot of these limitations come down to one huge difference. Postman is a downloadable program, while API Fortress is a platform. One is a tool for someone to use, and the other is a platform for a company to use. From a foundation they are two completely different things with different goals. That’s why we have built integrations and import capabilities for Postman users. If and when you are ready to move on, we want to make the migration seamless.

    A good analogy is to think about housing. When you are young and single a studio apartment is the perfect solution. Then, when you get married and have children, suddenly a studio apartment is a constraint. That’s when you start looking for a real home. API Fortress is a home for the teams in charge of your APIs. No matter their skillset, or how they prefer to work, it can make life easier for everyone.