How We Differ from Runscope

Runscope is a great product that has been serving the community well for years. They were recently acquired by CA as evidence of their success. Since our early days in 2013, we have specifically been focused on building something unique — easier and more enterprise focused.

We both have many great qualities, but people often ask us about specific differences. There are many, but below is a list of some of the key ones. Please remember that products are fluid, and this list can grow or retract as time passes.

  1. Runscope can not be brought entirely on-premises. API Fortress can be deployed in your cloud using a simple Docker. An entire collaborative, web-based platform working in your environment in minutes. A key factor for many enterprises. Requirements
  2. Detailed test generation with a singe click. Our platform can generate a detailed test from a Swagger/OAI, payload, I/O doc, almost anything that describes your API. Load or link the file, click MAGIC, and 95% of the test is done for you. Save hours building comprehensive tests, let our platform do 95% of the work for you in seconds. GIF
  3. API Fortress makes integration testing simple. Create tests that reproduce real world customer flows such as Search > Dive into Each Result > Add to Cart > Checkout can be done quickly and easily. Do not just exercise endpoints, but test and monitor the true functionality of your platform.
  4. We were built with collaboration in mind, no matter what your skill level is. We have both a visual composer (easy, limited technical skills needed) and a code view (for the developers at heart). Developers and QA Analysts can work together on the same test, using the view that works best for them. Runscope is very strong in helping you create a simple test easily, but creating very detailed tests requires coding in Javascript. GIF
  5. API Fortress reports are very detailed. Every successful and failed assertion is shown, and we store the header information, as well as the payload, for every error. Makes diagnosis simple if you are struggling to reproduce a bug. GIF
  6. We offer a status page that works for mobile, desktop, and TVs. It can be shared and placed inside of another page as well (your own A single place for real-time insight as to the APIs health that anyone can understand. GIF
  7. Positive and negative testing in a single test. With API Fortress you don’t need multiple copies of a test. A single test can use various data sets, and can then validate against any response using IF statements. All without coding.
  8. Runscope offers limited historical data storage. We offer 12 months, or unlimited if you are using the on-premises version.
  9. We are completely platform agnostic. We have partnerships and connectors with OracleMasheryMulesoft, and Kong. That list is only going to expand. This will hopefully continue being true of Runscope, but it may be something to consider if you are thinking long-term about CA’s plans.