New Components: While and Compare!

While CompareIt was requested and we have responded.

We build a lot of assertions and components, but they are often left hidden until a customer asks for it. This is because we want to keep the composer as uncluttered as possible. Last week we received two requests for items we had hidden, so now they are live for everyone!

First, the COMPARE assertion. It allows users to compare two items (payloads) in three unique ways: exactly 1:1, compare the values, or compare the structure. Example usage: check the behavior of the same call between staging and production to make sure they are identical in structure. Powerful and unique to our platform.

Second, the WHILE component is for the truly fancy API testing connoisseur. The component allows you to repeat a code block until a certain condition is met. An example could be requiring a test to continue checking down a list of objects until a certain condition is met, like a price equals $.99 cents. It is commonly used in programming, but for testing the use case is more unique. With that said, someone wanted it and we released it!

giphyIf Matt Bommer tested APIs, he would definitely use the WHILE Component.